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IMAGINARY CINEMA is the result of a lifelong love of fantasy, horror and science-fiction filmmaking. It is not intended as an encylopedia or a news site (though it will feature elements of both). Rather it is a personal guide to fantasy films from 1975 to the present, both the good and the bad. For an explanation of why I have chosen that year as my starting point, see the full introduction.

To give you a brief overview of what you will find on this site, the first link in the menu will take you to my blog, where I will post updates to the site as well as important news about fantasy films in general. After that is the filmmakers section, which deals with the key auteurs that I think have had the most influence over the genre in the last 30 years.

The next three sections are pretty self-explanatory. They review fantasy, horror and sci-fi films, along with their respective subgenres. Following those is a miscellaneous section, which will include features on animated fantasy movies, foreign fantasy films, my recommendations for fantasy DVDs everyone should own and even an essay on all the films adapted from the work of author Stephen King.

You will also find a forum where you can discuss every aspect of imaginary cinema. Finally there is the links and references page with information on all the books and websites that proved invaluable when researching this project. Although this site can be read as if it was a book, going from chapter to chapter, I'm sure most people will just click around on what interests them, which is why I have the site directory link below.

This site is being updated constantly, so if there are any sections not yet open or lacking in content be sure to check back in a while. I should also warn you that there will be some plot revelations in my reviews (and the images that accompany them) that may count as spoilers. If you're still awake after reading this, I hope you enjoy the site!


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